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I was very impressed with the work carried out by Brendan and his crew from REMEDIAL CRETE WORK SOLUTIONS. Work was carried out professionally, efficiently and in a timely manner as required.  Brendan’s communication was great! This included out of hours emails & phone calls.

Would definitely use REMEDIAL CRETE WORK SOLUTIONS services again.


Cementitious Grout Injection to Fill Void In Column & Patching A. Smith – Quality & Defects Team Manager - Hutchinson Builders QLD

“The work carried out by the Remedial Crete Work Solutions Team to my client’s driveway was completed quickly and efficiently. Drainage was installed to direct the water away from under the driveway with minimal disruption to the tenants.

All in all I was very impressed with the professional manner in which the job was conducted by Brendan and his crew. I would definitely recommend them again now having seen their work.”



Driveway – Void Fill / Waterproofing / Drainage Hana Barker - Director of Homes To Rent - Calliope | Mackay | Airlie Beach

“First of all, I have to say thank-you for your help in Waterloo stage 2. You fix the leak that other team use half year, yet still cannot improve. You just once inject, slow the leaks, second inject stop all! I just walk through two-floor basements all your work prove 100%!
Also, thank-you for you clean up after finish, you are very clean. Other teams just left a mess everywhere.”


PU Injection Works, Sydney P. Chan - Site Supervisor - JQZ Sydney